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“You don’t have to learn the hard way when you can learn from those who have experienced life’s difficulties. Read, learn and become strong with Healing Images for Children.”

Bernie Siegel, MD author of Prescriptions for Living


“This work is a true breakthrough in the developing field of pediatric behavioral medicine, integrating theory with practice.” 

Joel Wish, Ph.D. Pediatric Psychologist and Director of Health Psychology


Ready, Set, RELAX . . .

  • reduces stress from children's lives

  • helps teens overcome anxiety

  • helps young people build confidence

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Healing Images for CHILDREN

Teaching Relaxation and Guided Imagery to Children Facing Cancer and Other Serious Illnesses

by Nancy Klein, M.A.

Independent Publisher Book Awards 2002 winner: Health/Medicine/Nutrition


A comprehensive guide for families and health care providers with educational information relating to medical treatments and relaxation strategies.


The first section of the book provides background information on research describing the healing power of relaxation, music, imagery, and humor.


The second section includes 27 stories designed specifically to help children develop coping strategies to reduce the pain and anxiety of medical procedures and treatments.


The guide is beautifully illustrated. It is a valuable adjunct to traditional medical interventions.


Nancy Klein, M.A., combines twenty years of teaching with the lessons learned from her own experiences with cancer in developing resources for children facing serious illnesses.


Nancy offers a way for parents and other support people to actively participate in a child’s recovery. As a speaker and educator, Ms. Klein’s teaching covers the full spectrum from elementary school to university classes.


Healing Images

 Softcover Book (280 Pages) - $24.95

ISBN 0-9636027-2-1

U.S. Orders Only - Allow 2-7 Business Days

Healing Images

 Digital PDF Book (280 Pages) - $9.95

Instant Download

Proven Effective Resources for Therapists, Teachers, Counselors and Parents

to Help Overcome Anxiety, Stress, Depression & Anger in Children and Teenagers

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