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Stress Influences 75% of All Medical Disorders

Experts estimate that up to 75% of all medical disorders are directly influenced by stress. While most research on stress centers around adult behavior, we feel that children, especially in today's society, have many potential fears and anxieties.

The Serious Downsides to Traditional Therapy-Centered Approaches

The traditional therapy-centered approach is an inadequate model to deal with the large numbers of children suffering from stress-related problems.


Even if there were adequate numbers of trained therapists, only the most severe cases are generally offered a therapeutic intervention. Of those cases, many parents refuse or are hesitant to become involved in the mental health-care system. Managed care adds to the frustration of offering traditional mental health services.


The high numbers of children under stress, coupled with the severity of the problems we have witnessed among children, were convincing arguments for a redirection of our energy into a primary prevention program.

A Better Intervention Program: The Inner Coaching Solution

The intervention program we developed was designed to help elementary-age children develop specific strategies to cope with stress.


It was developed over a period of three years and can be used in a classroom, counselor's office, in a medical setting or at home.


Email Dr. Roger Klein, Psy.D. to request research details. Learn more about Inner Coaching and our products and how to order the Ready, Set, R.E.L.A.X. program.

Ready, Set, RELAX . . .

  • reduces stress from children's lives

  • helps teens overcome anxiety

  • helps young people build confidence

Proven Effective Resources for Therapists, Teachers, Counselors and Parents

to Help Overcome Anxiety, Stress, Depression & Anger in Children and Teenagers

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